GR Current is the leading business incubator for emerging technologies in West Michigan.


We provide the space, tools, capital, and connections to help evolve startups into stand-alone businesses. Our objective? Economic growth, technological creativity, and a new fleet of strong entrepreneurs.


GR Current Provides


 Our offices at 234 Division and the 5th floor of the Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences  offer space at the heart of the city,  state-of-the-art tools, and a place to foster your entrepreneurial dreams.   


 With access to millions of dollars in funding, we connect startups with the capital they need to become a viable business. Whether it's a microloan or six full figures, we can put it within your reach.



Connecting with the right people is invaluable. GR Current's staff members are dedicated mentors making powerful introductions that will change the course of your business and its future. 

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Urban and vibrant cities have sweet culinary treats post 10p. Why shouldn't GR have options, too?

The session highlighted the pitfalls many companies have faced and laid out guard rails for organizations to follow, including things they should never do and the things businesses must commit to in order to serve their connected customers.

For most American citizens not well-versed in the immigration process, this begs a common-sense question: If not a postdoc biomedical engineer from the University of Michigan who runs his own startup company, then to whom exactly would we grant residency in the United States?


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